Tomcat Restoration Nears Completion

May 15, 2000

Grumman Memorial Park's F-14 is nearing completion of it's restoration program and long-term display conditioning. Directors Ken Euring and John Caruso have been tirelessly working on installing the missile launchers, and "bird-proofing" such areas as the intakes, exhaust nozzles, air vents and landing gear wells.

"Bird-proofing" involves fabricating covers to place in the intakes and exhaust nozzles to prevent the building of nests. In addition, fine wire screen has been installed with the various vent openings to prevent the building of any other nests. None of these preventive measures, however, effects the integrity of the airframe itself.

With the addition of Phoenix, Sparrow and Sidewinder inert missiles, our Tomcat will be ready for installation on the pedestal, hopefully, within the next several months.