Pedestal nears completion.

April 20, 2000

The pedestal that will support our F-14 Tomcat is nearly finished. Director Jim Petrocelli and his crew have done an outstanding bit of workmanship. The taller of the three pylons will support the nose landing gear giving the aircraft a slightly high angle-of-attack, while the lower pylons support the main landing gear. We hope to secure the use of an actual hoisting sling that is used to place F-14s on to aircraft carriers when in port. The process of hoisting the aircraft to the top of the will take place in the month of June. Once in place, the aircraft will be covered while work continues on the Walk of Honor, landscaping, driveway and parking lot.

Our F-14 is nearing the completion of its restoration and configuration. Directors Ken Euring and John Caruso, along with many volunteers, have spent numerous long hours preparing our Tomcat for long-term display. This includes installing an external fuel tank under each engine nacelle, two Phoenix missile launchers on stations 2 and 3 (under the cockpit), and glove pylons on stations 1 and 8. Our aircraft will depict a typical Tomcat would appear aboard an aircraft carrier, and inert Phoenix, Sparrow and Sidewinder missiles will soon be added to our display.

Plans for the unveiling ceremony continue, and while no firm date has been set, the event could take place before Labor Day. We are, however, $50,000.00 shy of meeting our cost estimate to complete this project. Any further donations, or purchases of additional bricks or park benches, over the next several weeks will certainly help us tremendously
Again, thank you for all of your support, encouragement and patience.