Historic Marker at Bethpage

On June 22, 2003 the Central Park* Historical Society placed an historic marker in Bethpage commemorating when the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation established it’s new facility in 1936. Previously Grumman was located on Conklin Street in Farmingdale.

The marker stands on the northwest corner of Central Avenue and what is now known as Grumman Road; the original road leading to Plant 1. For those who remember the Beau Sejour restaurant on the corner of Central and Stewart Avenues, the marker is one block west of that location.

Plant 1 still stands and is located to the right just off the image of this photograph. The airfield, however, is long gone with apartment complexes and light industry occupying the area along where the runway was. Most of the runway has been demolished replaced with a road bearing the founder’s name.

*Central Park is the original name of Bethpage