Grumman Products in the Movies

Movie Title Grumman Product Comment
Top Gun F-14
Flight of the Intruder A-6
Final Countdown F-14 Tomcat, A-6 Intruder, EA-6B Prowler, E-2C Hawkeye  
Murphy's War J2F Duck  
Apollo 13 LEM  
Midway F4F Wildcat, TBF Avenger, SA-16B Albatross  
Tora, Tora, Tora    
Close Encounters of the Third Kind F6F Hellcat or TBF Avenger "Lost Squadron" shown near start of movie.
Bridges of Toko-Ri F9F Panther  
Flat Top F6F Hellcat  
Flying Leathernecks F6F Hellcat  
Task Force F4F Wildcat, TBF Avenger  
Wing and a Prayer F6F Hellcat, TBF Avenger  
Wake Island F4F Wildcat  
Dive Bomber F3F  
Flight Command F3F  
Freedom Strike F-14 Tomcat  
Tales of the Gold Monkey Goose  
Sabrina Gulfstream IV  
Flight From Ashiya SA-16B Albatross Good interior shots of the cabin, good crew procedures shown, plus some good in-flight scenes; unfortunately the producers made far too much use of a model Albatross during the water landing/takeoff sequences.
Mission of the Shark SA-16B (UF-1) Albatross Good shots of an open sea landing in this one.
Escapade in Japan SA-16B Albatross  
J.A.G F-14 Tomcat TV Show.  Frequently has F-14 footage.
Speed Flexible Bus Bus blown up in opening sequence
Deliverance Canoes  
The Deadly Mantis F9F Panther Campy movie with a brief scene shooting at giant preying mantis.
Endless Summer II Goose  
Commando Goose  
Cry Vengence Goose  
Crash Dive Goose  
Forever Young Goose  
Con Air Tracker Footage of several GRUMMAN TRACKERS that are parked in an aircraft graveyard
Men of the Fighting Lady F9F Panther Starring Van Johnson and Keenen Winn, movie about an aircraft carrier during Korean War.
South Pacific Goose TV Movie version
Frankie Starlight Ag-Cat In the movie for 7 seconds
The Fighting Sea Bees F4F Wildcat  
The Phantom Ag-Cat  
Rosalie Goes Shopping Ag-Cat  
The Hunt for Red October E-2C Hawkeye, F-14 Tomcat  
Tears of the Sun C-2 Greyhound  
Wings of the Navy F3F  
Slattery's Hurricane Mallard  
WindTalkers F6F Hellcat Nicholas Cage and the Navajo Code Talkers in World War II movie
Executive Decision F-14 Tomcat  
Independence Day F-14 Tomcat