Grumman Memorial Park Now Open Daily From 9AM – 5PM

April 9, 2001

After a long, cold, windy and snowy winter, the Board of Directors are happy to announce that Grumman Memorial Park is now open daily from 9AM to 5 PM. Hopefully, the snowstorm season is behind us and Spring is right around the corner.

Snow-Covered Grumman Memorial Park …

This photograph was taken on New Years Day, 2001, after a significant snowfall fell on the East End of Long Island. Concerned with the safety for our visitors, the Board of Directors elected to close the Park due to the severe weather. With a limited source of manpower and equipment for maintaining the park during the winter, snow and ice removal would have posed a challenge. We would not want an unfortunate situation to occur at the site.

High winter winds also forced us to remove the flags from the Plant 7 flagpole. Wear and tear to these flags, especially to the one of a kind GRUMMAN flag, must be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, the New York State Flag was completely destroyed, but will be replaced in the spring. A new, more durable US Flag has been purchased that will enable us to fly it even in the most extreme weather conditions.

With Spring arriving, members of East End Aircraft will soon be embarking on preparation of Grumman Memorial Park for another season of guests. After a careful inspection of the site to determine what repairs (if any) are necessary, a second order of bricks will be installed into the Walk of Honor along with redisplaying our flags.

We look forward to seeing you once again at Grumman Memorial Park.