Grumman Memorial Park News

June 9, 1999

The Grumman Memorial Park Directors have been making major progress. If all goes well groundbreaking should be mid-July or as soon as our submitted site plans are approved. We will post the exact date on the site as soon as it is confirmed. Unveiling plans for the monument are not too far behind, with a target month of October coinciding with the weekend of the Country Fair in Riverhead.

The decision has been made to go with a "T" shaped stand with three pylons in the ground. The aircraft will be sitting on its own landing gear. This is instead of the previously planned "stick." A drawing of the stand will be posted at a future date. This design will not necessitate any modifications to the aircraft, making our job easier and more cost effective while maintaining the look of a plane on active duty in the fleet, rather than a plane on a stick.

Our finances are looking good. As of the last meeting of the directors, the bank balance was well over $100,000. Thanks to all of you who are helping make this happen!
We have been in the press a lot lately. You will be able to catch articles on the park in upcoming issues of the Naval Publication "Tailhook", as well as in the local paper "Suffolk Life." As these articles run, we will post them, along with future updates on the site.


If you would like to volunteer to help us sell Walk of Honor bricks to raise money E-mail us and we will mail you brochures. Also if you have any ideas as to where we might be able to obtain inert ordinance for the aircraft please E-mail us. All leads or ideas are greatly appreciated!