Grumman Memorial Park makes significant progress.

March 1, 2000

At last we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Since groundbreaking on November 29, 1999, our one-acre site has been cleared of trees and graded with 10,000 yards of soil in order to raise and level the ground. Stakes have driven into the ground to mark off the concrete work (pedestal, walk of honor, driveway, parking lot, etc.). With the warmer weather of March upon us, we should be able to resume pouring the foundation for the pedestal.

Our F-14 is nearing its preparation for installation on the pedestal, and newly acquired (inert) Phoenix, Sparrow, Sidewinder missiles will be added to the aircraft. The addition of two 267 gal. External Fuel Tanks will complete the outfitting of our Tomcat to represent a typically configured F-14 in the Fleet.

Fundraising continues on schedule thus enabling us to meet our financial obligations. The unveiling ceremony is currently being planned, although no specific date has been set. Hopefully, an event may be planned to occur before the Fourth of July.

Thanks for your encouragement and patience.