Grumman Memorial Park Elects New Directors

October 22, 2001

On October 19, 2001 the Board of Directors elected William C Barto, formerly a member of the Advisory Board, and GMP Historian, to a position of Director. Bill will continue to serve as the Park’s historian. Steve Kirschenbaum, former Chairman of Grumman Memorial Park, and a member of the Advisory Board, was also elected.

Grumman Memorial Park at night …

Further work on the monument since the unveiling one year ago has been accomplished through the efforts of Directors Ken Euring and John Caruso. In addition to the six spotlights that surround the F-14, the taxi and navigational lights are now operating. As darkness approaches, photoelectric sensor will switch the lights on. Viewing of the lights in daylight, however, can be accomplished using the control box mounted on the outside of the guard booth.

In the event of high winds resulting from severe storms, tie-down cables are now available. One end of the cable can be attached to the landing gear of the aircraft and the other will be anchored to specially design ports throughout the base of the monument.

Another addition…

The "GRUMMAN" name now appears on the parking lot much the way it did on the old Bethpage runway. Of course, it can be most appreciated when seen from the air, but this will delight many Grummanites.