Grumman Memorial Park Announces Unveiling Ceremony for October 28, 2000

October 1, 2000

The Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony for Grumman Memorial Park, located at Route 25/Route 25A, Calverton, New York, has been scheduled for 11:00 AM, Saturday October 28, 2000, with a rain date of Sunday, October 29, 2000. Any changes to this announcement will be posted on this web site.

Completion of Grumman Memorial park is well underway. Starting clockwise is the installation of the parking lot surrounded by the curbs and sidewalk. The next photo shows the connecting sidewalk from the parking lot to the Walk of Honor. Note the concrete pad for the guard shack, and the anchors for the Plant 7 flag pole. At right the concrete base has poured beneath the aircraft. The bricks that will make up the Walk of Honor will be laid between the curb and the sidewalk that surrounds the aircraft.

Shown at left is the final configuration of Grumman Memorial Park. A few last minute changes have been the relocation of the guard booth from the gate entrance to the Walk of Honor. This will facilitate visitors in locating their brick. Also, the Plant 7 flagpole will be installed to the front and center of the site. This will ensure that Ol’ Glory will appear in every photo opportunity.