Dave Grumman Visits Grumman Memorial Park

On Friday, March 1, 2002, Dave Grumman, son of company founder Leroy R. Grumman, paid a short visit to Grumman Memorial Park. On hand to receive Dave was Chairman Joe Van de Wetering, his wife Pat, Directors John Caruso and Ken Euring, and Historian Bill Barto.

Dave was in town to attend a gala event sponsored by the Long Island Technology Hall of Fame at the Garden City Hotel the night before. It was at this event that his dad was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Dave received the honor on behalf of his father and the Grumman family.

Dave was very pleased to see the progress made at the Park since his first visit on the day of the unveiling. He was amazed at the increased number of bricks installed in the Walk of Honor and very pleased to see "GRUMMAN" painted on the parking lot. He said it reminded him of the days when it appeared on the runway at Bethpage, and that was the intent. We also updated Dave on progress for the design of a bronze plaque that will honor his father and be installed at the site.

After a walk-through of future plans for the Park, Dave departed for Bethpage with Directors Bill Barto and John Caruso for a tour of the F8F Bearcat restoration in Plant 1 and the History Center. Many thanks to our friends at Northrop Grumman for our visit.

We are looking forward to Dave’s next visit.